Over-seeding thin lawns with premium grass seed, then fresh top soil is spread (top dressing of soil) and raked out evenly throughout lawn to blend together with the grass seed.

    Spot seeding–Bare or patchy areas of lawn will be more heavily seeded then other areas, then covered with top soil.



    Premium sun/shade grass seed, grass seed spreader, top soil bought in bags, plastic hand rakes.



    All seeding jobs are priced by labor + materials.

    Labor cost is our regular labor rate of $80/hr (2 man crew).

    Materials cost is total cost of grass seed and top soil used.



    It is best to seed in the spring during the growth season, (even better if done along with an aeration and spring fertilizer application), but can be done all season long and still provide great results.



    One application of over-seeding with soil will always provide results for damaged or thin lawns and is generally only needed once per season. Though for heavily damaged or very thin lawns, 2 or even 3 over-seeding applications can be needed to fully restore a lawn.