Mowing and trimming of all grass, lawn, or turfed areas. Weeds trimmed from driveway, patio and path cracks. After its mowed, the grass clippings are blown clean with the leaf blower from the lawn, garden beds, and all surfaces (driveway, paths, patios, etc.)


    All machines used are gas powered. The lawn mowers used are commercial push mowers, as opposed to larger ride on or walk behind mowers that can scalp or damage lawns with hills or contours.


    Lawn maintenance is quoted in cost($) per weekly visit and is based on size and time taken to complete.   Most lawns are cut weekly but some clients only need or prefer bi-weekly lawn maintenance or even sometimes monthly. All options need to be quoted in person.

    Lawn maintenance is invoiced monthly. Preferably we would like to send invoices via email but paper copy can be dropped off as well. Any invoice under $80.00 will be carried over to the following month.


    The lawn season is generally from May through October (6 months). Depending on the weather and snow melt, lawn cutting can start in late April.


    We suggest that most lawns be cut weekly in the spring. When the hot and dry weather hits, then some lawns will only need bi-weekly lawn cutting. Our crews will use their discretion to decide whether the lawn needs mowing that week. Every lawn is different and the weather is always changing so there’s no way to predict which lawns will need cutting and when.