Assembly and removal of all leaves, branches, and debris. Garden beds are thoroughly blown out with the leaf blowers, the lawn is blown and/or raked, as well as the cleaning of all other surfaces and areas within the property.

    All leaves and debris are either put into brown garden bags or assembled on tarps and loaded in the truck. We dispose of the leaves at the city dump (transfer station). Most fall clean-ups done will have an extra fee for the dump costs ranging from $10 for small properties up to $30+ for large properties.



    Gas powered back-pack leaf blowers and hand tools.



    Fall clean ups are done at our labor rate of $80/hr (2man crew) or $100/hr (3man crew). Times can vary from 1 hour for a small property up to 3 or more hours for large or messy properties. Must be quoted in person for precise quotes.

    One time fall clean ups will be invoiced immediately (usually same day/eve). Properties that have us come twice or more over the fall season will be invoiced once at the end of November.



    We begin doing our fall clean ups the first full week of November and continue through to December as long as we have before snow or freezing weather arrives.



    We offer 3 different options for fall clean up frequency:

    • One-time final clean up – Done the 2nd and 3rd week of November once all of the leaves have fallen from the trees. (least costly option).
    •  Two fall clean up visits – Done the 1st and 4th week of November. We come the first week to clean whatever has fallen so far and then again at the end to get the remainder of the leaves. (most common and a little more costly option).
    •  Weekly visits with one final clean up – A small bunch of clients like us to come weekly throughout November to do a general clean up of all the surfaces, paths, driveways etc. Then at the end we will do the final clean up of the entire property