• In The Beach - Our Story

    Officially we are "In The Beach - Landscape Maintenance Specialists", but we also use "In The Beach Lawns", "In The Beach Lawn Care", or we've even been referred to as "In The Beach Landscaping".  Regardless which name is used, it doesn't change our commitment to quality, reliability, and complete client satisfaction.

    I started In The Beach in summer of 2007 after many years of working and learning from another lawn maintenance company.  As my skills and experience grew and solidified over the years, so did my passion for the business and the work itself - I love the satisfaction experienced doing high quality work for great people!  Thus, In The Beach was born...

    Since then, we have not stopped growing as a company and we will continue to grow while always working to meet and exceed our standard of quality.  We treat each and every client and property with full respect and care, and we plan to do so for many, many years to come.

    I personally stand behind our entire crew and have full confidence in their ability to maintain my goal of quality work with full client satisfaction.

    Thanks to all of our clients who have supported us and used our services over the years... and welcome to all newcomers!


    Rob Hehir
    Owner / Operator